The Horse Traders

American Roots Rock & Soul

Back from the writer’s tour…


This tour was a great time. No doubt. Very different from doing a full-band thing. Performing acoustic is a completely different dynamic and something that I was happy to get to work on. I’m sorry that we lost two of our guys in Asheville, NC due to the weather but, since our date at The Empty Glass ended up being double booked, it’s probably for the best as they would’ve made the trip for one show. Morgantown was interesting, for sure – getting stuck in a show storm and having to cross our fingers in hopes of finding a hotel room on the way back – well, it makes for more fun stories to tell. There’s never a shortage of interesting happenings. Up next, I’m at Taylor Books for a solo show on Friday and the Horse Traders are playing the Gov’t Mule after-party show on Saturday (Feb 22). Early next month, we’ll be starting on the first Horse Traders record. I can’t wait!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Back from the writer’s tour…

  1. Interesting story, sounds fun! ;-)

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