The Horse Trader makes the long trip back to camp as night falls on a long day of dealing. When he reaches camp, he lifts up a beat up old guitar. “I got it for a song!” He chuckles haughtily and tosses the instrument and a small wad of cash over to his pals as he leads what’s left of a string of horses to the makeshift posts they’ve wedged between a cluster of rocks. “A song.” One of the others repeats the words as his hands meet the strings. He pieces a few chords together and the traders begin to sing. They sing stories about the travels. They sing ditties and dirges and ballads until each is too tired to go on. As the night sky stills with his boots propped up and a hat covering his face, one of the traders quietly mutters “what a deal” and nods off.

The Horse Traders are dealers. They deal in songs and stories. They deal in good luck and heartbreak. But they don’t stop dealing.

Products of the hills of West Virginia, The Horse Traders (Travis, Wood, Patrick and Mooney) can be found on any given night trading songs, instruments and verses as they play their hand-quilted brand of Southern Americana Rock & Roll.

After a previous incarnation of the band formed a hole, Patrick Stanley and Brandon Mooney, both seasoned in the Southern West Virginia music scene, joined up with Travis Egnor and Wood Roberts, longtime friends and bandmates, to round out the group as it stands today. Livened by the new changes, The Horse Traders are hitting the road, armed with their latest release “Take It”, as well as 2014’s “Did You Forget To Leave This In Durango?”, trading their songs for a memory of each town they come across along the way.

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