Tracks laid!

I’ve made some records in my day – believe you me. This was the best experience that I’ve had making recorded music. Without question. Eric McConnell was just freakin’ amazing and his studio, which sits comfortably in the favorite area of my beloved Nashville, couldn’t be more inviting. Don’t get me wrong, making the Pretty Bird record with George Bradfute, Viktor Krauss, Fats Kaplin, Paul Burch, and Wes L’Anglois was an amazing experience, for sure. One that I’ll never forget. However, I can’t honestly say that I was as comfortable making that record. I felt like I was in way over my head. I was right.

This time, sure, yeah, I suppose it was hard work. I mean, we knocked out 7 tunes in 2 days – including vocal, keyboard, pedal steel, and horn overdubs. But, man…it was a party! Nothing but good friends hanging out on what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful weekend. Not only folks playing music but visiting, sitting in, getting a listen, talking, drinking, and congregating while we made what may turn out to be the best record that I’ve ever made. The one that I’m finally happy with. I was so glad that our friends Sarah, Ry, Annie, Dave, Wes, and Paul could stop by and be a part of it. Wood and Frank completely KILLED the grooves in these tunes – IN A GOOD WAY! They just tore it up. I dunno, I suppose I’m rambling. Trying to put this into words in a way that has a beginning, middle, and end is difficult because, for me, it hasn’t ended. I’m still giddy from the experience.

One funny thing…I was walking around the whole time taking photos. Seriously, I took like 160 photos. That is…until Eric and I got talking and I mentioned that I couldn’t find any photos of his place on the internet. That’s when he informed me that he doesn’t really let anyone post pics of his studio. Oops. That’s why the only pic you’re gonna get of the sessions is this swell shot of my boots.😉