More and more and more…

I’m happy to say that this weekend should be one swell time! On Friday, I’ll be doing a solo set at Taylor Books in Charleston, WV. Saturday, the Horse Traders are playing at, legendary venue, The Empty Glass for a Gov’t Mule after party show. With any luck, Warren and the boys will come and join us for a jam or two. Wishful thinking but, hey, a guy can dream can’t he? 

Starting in early March, the Horse Traders and myself are Nashville bound to start on our first record together. We’ll be at the Tone Chaparral with the Tone Chaperone himself, Mr. George Bradfute. George is a bit of an underground hero in Nashville who’s worked with the likes of Todd Snider, Richard Bennett, and a personal hero of mine, Steve Earle. I’ve worked with before. George did my first solo record, “Pretty Bird” and I’ve regretted not doing every other project I’ve ever done with him. 

This summer will see a lot more shows and – well, who knows at this point? One thing’s for sure, we’ll be making music somewhere.