Time to make a record…

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 6th, we’ll be packing up the ol’ Chevy Van and heading to Nashville to record our first EP. We’re honored to be working with Eric McConnell, who, though I’m sure he is tired of being forever linked to this project, recorded the now-famous/classic Loretta Lynn record Van Lear Rose which was produced by Jack White. Eric has also worked on projects by Todd Snider, Will Kimbrough, and MANY others. 

The rehearsals for this recording have been just fantastic. I have to admit that I was a *little* worried since our efforts thus far have been rehearsing for live shows since we had things booked before the band was even a band. Time to work on new material has been scarce. Essentially, we’re taking 3 days this week to hash out tunes that will be on this record. It’s a busy week but, man, it’s just great. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: rehearse (and bleed the brakes on the van Tuesday). Thursday: Pack the van, drive to Nashville, load-in to the studio. Friday: Record basic tracks. Saturday: Overdubs. Sunday: Drive back to WV. 

I’m also really happy to have three great friends joining us on this record. Paul Thacker (horns, keys, accordion), Wes L’Anglois (pedal steel, harmonica), and David Kirkpatrick (upright bass). All three of these fine gentlemen were in Travis Egnor & the Mighty Oaks (c. 2011). Wes and David were also players on the Dead Leaves record and Wes did some touring with Dead Leaves in mid-2012.