Having the Horse Traders at your club, festival, party, bar mitzvah, or other event? This is all you’ll need to know!

We’re generally a four-piece band with pretty simple needs. Depending on show length and situation, input needs may be different. Below, you’ll find a list of each member’s equipment and possible requirements:

Travis – Vocals, Guitar (Stage Left)
Guitars: Travis’ guitar rigs consists of a Supro Lexington Guitar and a few steel guitars into a Supro Thunderbolt (1×15) amp, and pedal board. A vocal mic and SM57 (or similar) for the guitar amp is all that’s required.

Wood – Drums, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (Rear Stage)
Drums: – 4 piece 1960’s Ludwig (kick, snare, rack, & floor tom). Micing situations depend on venue. If you’ve got the system for it, we’d love to have the kick drum mic’d at the very least. A vocal mic is also required.
Acoustic (if applicable): At times (generally longer shows or low-key environments), Wood will be playing some songs on acoustic guitar. He has a 1965 Gibson J-50 – installed K&K passive pickup. Wood will generally have a DI on hand as well. If you have one that you prefer, that’s fine.

Patrick: Vocals, Guitars (Center Stage)
Guitars: Patrick’s guitar rig is a Jazzmaster or Telecaster into a Supro Dual Tone (1×12) or Deluxe Reverb. Vocal Mic also needed.
Acoustic (if applicable): Patrick has a Martin HD-28 with a K&K Pure Mini passive pickup. A DI will be needed for his line.

Mooney: Bass, Vocals (Stage Right)
The bass rig is simple; a P-Bass into a SansAmp into an Ampeg amp. We would prefer a mic (D112 or similar) but the SansAmp acts as a DI and you’re welcome to use that as well. Vocal Mic also needed.

4 Vocals
2 Electric Guitar Mics
1 Line or Mic for Bass
4-Piece Drum Set (Kick, Snare, Rack & Floor Toms)
1 Line for Acoustic Guitar DI (possibly as many as 3 needed depending on the night)

NOTE: On occasion, we may have horns and/or keys players with us, depending on the event. If this is the case, we will let you know those requirements in advance. However, it’s rarely more than a few mics or a DI extra that’s needed.

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